The Rhyagelle start their journey to come home...

Thursday night (16-17 March) Aviendha was very restless. She kept walking back and forth in the living room. Wouldn't lie down. Mom and I slept in the living room, because we thought labor might start that night. We didn't sleep a lot. With every sound we heard, we woke up because there might be a puppy on the way. But the contractions started at 8 o'clock in the morning. The delivery went very quick and very well. Four boys and three girls. The vet expected 8-9 puppies, but she apparently made a mistake (she was a new vet). 
These are the times of the birth and their weight. The second weight was yesterday evening. They are growing very good.

08:05 Male darkblue, 516 gram -- 612 gram.
08:32 Male green, 460 gram -- 560 gram.
08:44 Female orange, 418 gram -- 504 gram.
09:05 Male brown, 442 gram -- 522 gram.
10:11 Male lightblue, 408 gram -- 526 gram.
10:51 Female pink, 452 gram -- 538 gram.
11:07 Female purple, 472 gram -- 566 gram.
These are very big puppies at birth. Poor Aviendha. 
Very funny fact: Aviendha's first litter was born on 26 december. Which is a holiday here in Holland, it is Second Christmas Day. Which was also the birthday of one our puppy owners. This litter is born on St. Patricks Day (not an official holiday in Holland, but a holiday nonetheless). And it is the birthday of the owner of Aviendha's sister. What a coincidence. 

The Pedigree names

Well, the pedigree names. We have to send the form with the names to the Kennel Club within ten days after birth. The names are not partnered with a puppy yet, that will happen at 6-7 weeks when they get the microchip implanted. In the next few weeks I will find out which name fits which puppy best :) Offcourse this will only be their pedigree name. The new owners will probably create their own beautiful names for their pups, which is by the way, a big thing with Seanchanen. When they achieve something for the Empire or when they have done something good or bad, they go into a new fase of their life and that comes with a new name. The Daughter of the Nine Moons (heir to the throne) was named Tuon when her mother and Empress was alive and ruling. When her mother was killed, she first kept on the name Tuon. And therefore wasn't the new Empress yet. When she finally claimed her throne, she became Furtuona and Tuon was literally something from the past. If you bring a lot of shame to the Empire, they strip you of your title and give you a different name (a shameful one). So it is very fitting that these puppies get a new name when they finish their journey and come home :)
So, here are the names. I will put a short explanation with the names, but if you want to know more, read the Wheel of Time Books :D Maybe I should give book 1 as a present to all new owners, hahaha. They can buy the other 14 books :P

Luthair Paendrag: son of Arthur Hawkwing (the High King). Founder of the Seanchan Empire. The Seanchan called him The Hammer.
Matrim Cauthon: my favorite male character in the series. Two ravens are his symbol. Mat is a funny guy, he enjoys life to the fullest (you know: drinking, dancing, gambling and women). He is a gambler and always has luck on his side. He marries the Daughter of the Nine Moons.
Sei'taer: Means: to have honor. This means you are an honorable person (very important for the Seanchans).
Furyk Karede: He is from the Deathwatch Guard (elite soldiers from the Ever Victorious Army). Has Raven tattoos. Is Tuons personal bodyguard. Tall man. 

Fortuona Paendrag: the Empress of Seanchan. Dark and petite woman. Very demanding. Loves training animals.
Soe'feia: Truthspeaker to the Royal Family, required to tell the absolute truth, even if it something the Empress doesn't want to hear. This helps to restore balance.
Alivia: former Damane. She is the strongest channeler (of the One Power) alive. She is a quick learner and she is connected to the faith of the Dragon.